Varsavia Cult and materic finishes

A kitchen with paint and materic finishes has certainly a captivating design that fills the space with its unique and special character: in the Vama world the Varsavia Cult model stands out precisely because of the variety of aesthetic effects and technical performance that are specifically linked to this aspect.

The choice of special finishes for the kitchen panels adds an evident advantage that is as interesting aesthetics and practice wise. A special finish can transform the kitchen from a combination of functional furniture into a real living environment full of emotional appeal. 


The aesthetics that can be achieved through the new material processing allows for objects of innovative design that blend the frontiers of comfort with a bold and magical beauty.

A new and dynamic space.

The Varsavia Cult kitchen, available with paint and material finishes, is a kitchen that lives a privileged relationship with space. From content/container it becomes the absolute protagonist.

A traditional kitchen, with its volumes, contains and delimits the living space in which it is in turn contained in a static relationship. On the other hand, a kitchen with paint and material finishes penetrates and animates that same space with its three-dimensionality.

The material decoration of MDF panels is a decoration that takes place in three dimensions with a depth effect that catches the eye. 
But what do we mean by material decoration? It is a decoration with a bas-relief effect created by laying different materials of different colours on several layers. A decoration that makes layering and depth its strong point, guiding the eye towards a profound perception of lines and volumes.

On kitchens with MDF panels, special paints can be applied to obtain material effects. From cement to oxides and rocks, different materials can be used to create new effects with a very high aesthetic value. A cement-effect finish with an industrial flavour, or a stone-effect finish, perfect in a minimal and modern kitchen, are easily obtained with our skilful industrial processes.

Other examples of material processing are given by the numeric controlled pantograph processing that allows to work directly on the MDF panel. In Varsavia Cult we can also appreciate other processes such as hammering and dune effect, in which the three-dimensionality is even more marked. The panels thus designed become the absolute protagonists of the space. Their three-dimensionality projects them into the centre of the room, catching the eye and giving them greater solidity. The “chiaroscuro” of the light that rests on the three-dimensional surfaces enhances the volumes, making the kitchen a living, natural environment, ready to interact and change with the hours of the day. The choice of three-dimensional workmanship can be accentuated by special paints. The availability of pearlised varnishes, metallic greys or non-standard paint finishes further enhances the visual and aesthetic value of these finishes.

A distinctive aesthetic value

A textured finish aesthetically completes a kitchen, transforming it from a functional unit into a design object. The possibility of departing from standard processes to obtain aesthetically interesting results transforms the very concept of the room. Without prejudice to its necessary functionality, a kitchen with textured paints and finishes becomes a place of lively and continuous aesthetic experience. A place where the pleasure of seeing becomes essential. 

The kitchen is therefore the meeting point of the different needs of the human soul. A place where the love of beauty is satisfied just as much as the need to live in a functional environment. 

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