Choosing kitchen appliances


Before choosing appliances, it is important to distinguish them into two categories:


  1. Freestanding, i.e. free-standing. This means that it can be positioned independently.


  1. Built-in, i.e. those appliances that must be compulsorily placed in the kitchen. Therefore, they cannot be moved.


The oven is used to prepare certain dishes and to heat ready-made or frozen food. There are two types of oven: electric and gas.

If you use this appliance frequently, you should opt for an oven that has both static and dynamic cooking. If, on the other hand, you use it occasionally, you can buy an oven with only the static function (ideal for cooking quick and easy recipes).


The microwave oven is another useful tool for heating food quickly. It is suitable for people who do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time cooking. It too can have different functions: the more technological ones have the option for steam cooking; the simpler ones have the grill function for roasting food.


The hob is the most commonly used appliance in the kitchen and there are two types:


gas: these are the most popular but also the cheapest and easiest to manage

induction hobs guarantee more even and faster cooking. They are suitable for people who do not have time to cook. They are easier to clean. N.B. specific pots must be used for this type of cooker.


Generally the hob should be placed away from the tall units for reasons of space and overheating because it could damage the side of the tall unit.


The refrigerator should be chosen according to its capacity and thus according to the number of the household. A choice must also be made between a freestanding or built-in refrigerator. The former has a larger capacity and more functionality.


Other aspects to consider when choosing a fridge are:

– the consumption and noise level

– the number of thermostats

– the energy class

– the no-frost function

– the arrangement of internal shelves

– the autonomy in the absence of electricity


There are side-by-side, combined and double-door refrigerators.

The double-door refrigerator has a freezer compartment located at the top. It is recommended for a small household and for frequent trips to the supermarket. 


The combined fridge, on the other hand, has the freezer compartment at the bottom and is divided into drawers. It is suitable for those who usually stock up on frozen food.


The side-by-side refrigerator consists of a refrigerator and freezer side-by-side. Currently, this type is the most popular. Moreover, it can have additional functions such as a water dispenser that produces ice cubes or crushed ice and from which water can be dispensed.


The dishwasher is indispensable as it saves us time and effort. To choose the most suitable dishwasher, it is necessary to take into account:


  1. the number of place settings and load capacity
  2. the functions available
  3. the drying efficiency
  4. energy and water consumption
  5. the noise level

there are two types of dishwashers: sliding and standard.


The extractor hood ensures proper ventilation during food preparation and is therefore an essential appliance in a kitchen.


Therefore, it should be chosen carefully according to:


  1. the size of the kitchen
  2. type of hob
  3. style of the kitchen
  4. cooking mode
  5. noise level


The peculiarities of the American market


In America it is usual to have cookers with 6 flames and huge ovens, not to mention the refrigerator which is equipped with an automatic system for creating ice cubes. In addition, one of the most innovative features of fridges is the fact that they are connected to the internet, so it is possible to see what is missing in real time and from a distance. In conclusion, Americans tend to buy the latest, state-of-the-art, high-tech appliances and constantly replace them with more modern products.

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