Kitchens, designing for the professional and the private sector.


The creation of customised kitchens is one of VAMA CUCINE‘s most pronounced and appreciated talents, especially in the management of projects for B2B, working alongside architects, design studios, builders and general contractors. From the reception of the customer’s idea to the delivery of the supply, every detail is followed with the expertise and attention we are used to guarantee.

For years we have been designing custom kitchens for international markets, especially the US and European markets, interacting naturally, appropriately and effectively with completely different technical/operational parameters. The excellence of each of our “customised kitchens” in VAMA is a paradigm that in reality well explains our “customer centric” managerial model: all our knowledge always transits and is organised around the needs of the market. 

The American market.
A kitchen designed “around the Appliances”.

The situation across the Atlantic is very different from the European market. 
In Europe, the design of a kitchen, especially when it comes to industrial production processes, is based on modules with a series of standard dimensions. Each element, including appliances, has its own dimensions that fit well into the overall supply. Dimensional standards facilitate the operational work to a certain extent and also the design work.

The American market is very different. In the United States, household appliances have their own dimensions. Each brand and each model has its own shape and has to be fitted in different and very specific ways. Designing customised kitchens for the American market must therefore necessarily start with the acquisition of all the appliance datasheets and a full understanding of them. Facing the US market really means elevating one’s design skills, applying them each time to specific technical variables.

VAMA CUCINE provides an extra value to its kitchens and to the American customer: we naturally adapt our kitchens, our design to the US market. 
This total flexibility is evident from the free quotation service, which makes an easy access to the kitchen design: VAMA CUCINE already studies and modulates the project according to the appropriate variants, generating a quotation that is clear, simple and at the same time perfectly adapted to each centimetre and element of the project.

French market. When speed of response makes the difference

VAMA CUCINE works not only with the American market. Its presence in Europe is well-established, and the requirements for the foreign market are still different. 
Compared to the Italian market, for example, the French market has a strong need for immediate responses and continuous feedback: a rapid processing rhythm with a continuous succession of projects and estimates prior to production is a practice guaranteed by VAMA CUCINE. 
Similarly, the logistics surrounding production must be fluid and fast: a requirement we meet by guaranteeing weekly deliveries.

Vama cucine standard is now the following: operating on international markets, developing projects and furniture supplies and serving players in the construction or contract sectors. 

In fact, it is the most strategic and operational core of our brand.  

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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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