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The VAMA CUCINE brand, presented to the market in 1992, is an entrepreneurial evolution of I.S.A.M srl, a company founded in 1973 and immediately active as a supplier industry for the most important furniture manufacturing brands of the time. Right from the start, the company displayed two important technical-operational skills that would mark the entrepreneurial course of VAMA CUCINE in the years to come:

– Timely and high-quality deliveries: From the very beginning, the company distinguished itself by its ability to deliver relevant supplies quickly, while maintaining high quality standards. This ability has established a reputation for reliability and speed in project execution.

– Solving constructive and functional challenges: One of the company’s distinguishing features has been its expertise in tackling and solving the most complex constructive and functional aspects in every commissioned project. This vocation for finding innovative and practical solutions has enabled us to tackle unique challenges, earning the trust and esteem of our clients.

The combination of technical expertise, ability to respond quickly to customer needs and a proactive approach to problem-solving have defined the company’s entrepreneurial philosophy, which continues to shape its identity in the design and interior design market.



After almost two decades of success and recognition in the furniture industry, the company decided to give tangible form to its heritage of experience and innovation, launching the first kitchen models on the market under the prestigious VAMA Cucine brand. This strategic move represents the culmination of years of dedication, experience, and entrepreneurial vision.

By transferring the extensive knowledge accumulated in the field of furniture into a catalogue of kitchens, VAMA Kitchens showcases its vast expertise, insights, and wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years. The first kitchen models designed by VAMA embodied the company’s constructive and conceptual excellence, immediately gaining market appreciation.

The reliability and solidity of VAMA’s creations are recognized and appreciated by customers, who choose these kitchens for their intrinsic quality and original design. The VAMA brand uniquely redefines the essence of Made in Italy, carrying on the legacy of the prestigious Pesaro furniture district that had already won admiration and international acclaim.



VAMA Cucine’s interest extends beyond national borders, attracted by those international circuits that demand innovation, attention to detail, flexibility, and adaptable solutions. This transition, although natural, is a source of great satisfaction: the comparison with the global scene was instantaneous and the company was recognized as a strategic partner by architecture studios and large companies worldwide.

Although the core business is the production of kitchens, VAMA goes further, completing its offer with customized living space and bathroom furniture solutions. This expansion reflects the company’s desire to offer a complete range of services and products that meet the most refined needs and tastes of the international market.

VAMA’s ability to anticipate trends and adapt to the specific needs of different contexts has been instrumental in becoming a reference point for the furnishing sector not only nationally but also internationally. This evolution is testimony to VAMA’s constant commitment to providing customized furniture solutions characterized by quality, innovative design, and a global vision, thus becoming a trusted and prestigious brand worldwide.



C-Interiors s.r.l. is now the owner company – led by Caterina Maffei and Luca Costantini – of the VAMA CUCINE brand. Caterina supports and completes every professional context personally with empathy, transparency and spontaneity. From the initial stages to the delivery of the project, up to the post-sales phase, Caterina uses her strong problem-solving skills, dedicating her listening, understanding and the same rigorous assistance to clients and suppliers: at VAMA CUCINE the purchase of a furnishing solution thus becomes a conscious, fluid, stimulating path with results of maximum satisfaction, evidence that over the years has allowed her to win and build up a ten-year international client portfolio.

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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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