Design, beauty and comfort tailored to the Business environment

For years VAMA has been present on international markets, working alongside entrepreneurs, designers and architects in the creation of kitchens for business environments:
VAMA’s contribution is strategic and pragmatic because VAMA:

– knows all the variables involved in using this particular space

– is able to provide targeted solutions regarding the most suitable materials

– guarantees customisation of the spaces and the most functional compositional elements, taking into account the available space and the variables of use.

Brightness, elegance and comfort are the hallmarks of this kitchen: the model is our Viola and for the occasion dressed in a delicate natural pastel, made by combining the green oxide and brick oxide finishes, d75 artwood laminate top with 4 cm thickness. A welcoming environment that skilfully doses the warmth of the materials with the freshness of the colours, capable above all of exploiting every centimetre to guarantee space for movement, relationships and the various needs of preparing and eating quick meals. Some technical shrewdness makes the kitchen as safe as it is efficient at any time of day: it has a base for inserting the water dispenser and a base with a flap to accommodate the dustbin with padlock option; in the columns there is an open niche for housing the coffee machine and free-standing microwave. Finally, the counter that serves as a support point during meals and breaks. A quick break but with beauty and top comfort

A fluid kitchen ready to reciprocate the dynamism of use with balance, rationality and resistance: this is why the Viola model was the perfect choice to give this business kitchen all the efficiency it needs. The finishes are made of Fenix, an anti-fingerprint technical material that even allows – with specific maintenance care – the recovery of small scratches. A choice that combines all the avant-garde aesthetics and functionality demanded today by those who love contemporary design. The colour palette is a lively and harmonious counterpoint between fenix red jaipur / fenix blue fes (top also in 2 cm thick fenix).

Colours, volumes and materials compose an area capable of meeting the need for leisure and at the same time serving, in a concentrated space, the need to move around quickly and accommodate the presence of several people: the island is equipped with a hob, sink and fitted with seating for a refreshment break; in the vertical elements, open niches have been created with a coffee machine and basic appliances such as an oven and microwave have been inserted.

A business break with style.

Design for Business


An office kitchen must ensure movement. Even if space is limited, the configuration of the kitchen with island, peninsula or linear solutions must allow several people to move freely, prepare and interact with all the elements of the furniture at the same time.
VAMA’s skill lies in adjusting and customising heights and depths.

The kitchen in a business environment is also a place to relax, where you can take a break and have a conversation, so the choice of seats and worktops must give space for fluid movement and avoid the unpleasant appearance of a school canteen.

This is one of the fundamental aspects that VAMA is committed to guaranteeing.

Space for Business

Another essential aspect of office kitchens is to separate the kitchen from the workspaces:

– preventing the smell of food from wafting into adjacent work areas;

– developing a distinct visual identity and functionality consistent with its intended use;

– and finally by using special splashbacks and materials to create a physical boundary or sound-absorbing effect even in the case of open-plan spaces, thus preventing noise from spreading.

In conclusion, the office kitchen is considered a place to eat and meet, so it is important to ensure sufficient ventilation for this environment to avoid employees feeling uncomfortable.

Green for Business


To guarantee the maximum healthiness of this space, VAMA proposes solutions and compositional elements equipped with no less than 2 GREEN certifications valid at international level.

Materials for Business


Never skimp on quality. Robust, easy-toclean and stain-resistant surfaces may seem expensive at the time of purchase, but in the long run they will prove to be strategic and worthwhile.

Solutions designed for domestic kitchens must in fact be rethought and reorganised with absolute competence with a view to “catering quality” in order to guarantee maximum longevity of the furniture. A family is much less ‘consuming’ than a company team that uses this area every day!

Comfort for Business


Never forget to consider:

– the spaciousness of the food preparation and storage areas

– the quality of the opening systems (always cushioned and super-strong!).

– the certainty of large and rational compartments not only for crockery and cutlery, but also for staff food, by choosing accessible and well equipped units.

In conclusion, collaborating in the design and production of a kitchen for offices means not only operating at the highest level of “tailor made” but also being prepared and oriented to provide details that will decide the functionality and longevity of this place. So VAMA not only offers taste and design, but also provides experience and knowledge of this specific area of supply.

Creating a kitchen for offices means taking into consideration certain aspects that VAMA has always known and addressed, guaranteeing beauty and respect for the specific usage habits we meet in every country.

Materials and Finishes


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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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