Partners in Cyprus

Pomolo design and build is a Cypriot company offering design services for the creation

of custom-built houses. In particular, it provides advice and guidance on all aspects of the

construction: from finding the ideal location to the design and construction phases, taking

its clients’ needs, lifestyle and budget.


How did the partnership between VAMA CUCINE and POMOLO Design and Build come about?


The two companies have been collaborating for many years, some 16, but theirs has been

an evolving partnership as Ayis initially worked at a VAMA shop

based in Cyprus. Only later did Ayis establish Pomolo Design and Build.

Although Ayis set up his own company, he remained loyal to VAMA by continuing to realise

projects together.


What projects have been realised?


We realised the EUKALIPTOUS project, which included supplying not only the kitchen but also the laundry room and wardrobes.

The design, study, realisation and supply of this project is the foundation for the future of the two companies and their partnership.


New projects for 2024:

For 2024, the parterneship will be further strengthened with the realisation and delivery of five major high-level projects:


These are projects requiring an accurate study above the standard where Pomolo’s know-how and VAMA CUCINE’s experience will be a perfect combination to achieve an optimal result


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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

Production and warehouse facilities

Via Direttissima del Conero
Industrial Park
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