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Our team works closely with architects, offering specialised expertise and resources to transform their ideas into tangible realities.

Welcome to our dedicated service to support architects in designing Vama Kitchens: kitchens made in Italy, with a modern and contemporary style. We understand that the heart of every home lies in the kitchen and therefore its design requires a careful and detailed vision. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the design process. Caterina Maffei, who heads our team of experts, works in close synergy with architects, offering specialised advice and concrete answers to design challenges.

Our strength lies in our ability to translate architects’ visions into detailed and functional kitchen designs. We support in the selection of materials, integration of technical elements, and optimisation of space, ensuring that each project reflects the client’s specific needs and is in line with the latest trends in design.

We offer a flexible and customised approach, understanding the different requirements of each project. We are ready to collaborate on both existing projects and new creations, integrating our expertise with the architects’ vision to create kitchens that are true masterpieces of design and functionality.

Our commitment goes beyond simple design. We also support architects in managing time, budgets, and logistics, ensuring comprehensive support and seamless collaboration.

We are here to be your reliable and competent partner in the creation of extraordinary kitchens. With our support, we transform your ideas into breathtaking kitchen spaces that meet your customers’ expectations and exceed all limits in design and functionality.

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    Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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