Being Dekton® a technical material of last generation obtained from a special mixture of glass, ceramic materials and quartz of each inert material, this compound expresses and enhances the specific maintenance performance in the kitchen environment. Dekton® is scratchproof and resistant to high temperatures. With its absolutely compact surface, it has water-repellent properties and will […]

Neolith® shelves are almost impermeable and impenetrable to aggressive detergents (such as oven cleaners) as well as to residues of food and substances generally present in our kitchen (citrus fruit juice, vinegar, olive oil, wine, coffee). For this reason, do not use waxes, oily soaps, impregnating agents or hydro-oil repellents for maintenance. Please pay attention […]

Quartz countertops have similar characteristics to those made of granite. Their performance also contributes to simple and fast cleaning operations: Features They are resistant to acids. They do not absorb liquids, odours and food grease. Although they are resistant to high temperatures, avoid placing hot objects on the worktop or allowing pots, steak pans and […]

These tops have good resistance to chemical products, however it is worth remembering a few precautions to ensure that your kitchen has the maximum functional and aesthetic integrity: What to avoid Avoid water stagnation, remove and wipe up any drains near the intersections, edges and joints of the laminates. Avoid bringing hot objects into direct […]

These tops are covered with a polymeric laminate / protective resins for which even before easy and non-demanding maintenance, some small precautions should be taken: What to avoid Avoid water stagnation, remove and dry the drains near the intersections, edges and joints of the laminates. Avoid placing hot objects in direct contact with the top. […]

Let us recall the performance of this extraordinary material, which is totally eco-friendly and recyclable (made by a wet milling process using quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, which are then subjected to hybrid firing in an electric oven): Resistant to stains, organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. Being made from inert materials, […]

Steel doors are undoubtedly one of the strongest and most resistant elements to use, but in order to preserve their brilliance and all their aesthetic characteristics it is important to take the right precautions when carrying out routine maintenance and thorough cleaning. What to avoid Never use abrasive detergents (even powdered ones) or abrasive materials […]

Characterised by a compact, non-porous surface, glass is extraordinarily resistant to staining and limescale, especially when the glass is polished.To clean glass, there are specific products that are easily available on the market, but we can also carry out perfect cleaning and effective maintenance using more economical and ecological solutions. What to avoid Avoid applying […]

Wooden kitchen doors are covered with thin sheets of various types of wood, a process that also runs along the inner and outer edges of the door, on which special stains and finishing and protective treatments are then applied. Although the varnishes give the wood a high index of impermeability, as it is covered with […]

Lacquered doors are precious, refined, versatile in creating furnishing solutions, but also require appropriate attention to protect them from scratches, dirt accumulation and marks caused by time and careless maintenance. The lacquered door is photosensitive, like the wooden door, to prevent colour variations and limit the direct exposure of the elements to sunlight. How to […]

FENIX is one of the most high-performance avant-garde anti-fingerprint materials today in terms of aesthetics and functionality. As far as maintenance is concerned, it is also extraordinarily simple, with extraordinary performance in recovering small scratches. Let’s take a closer look. What to avoid Never treat the surface with abrasive substances, macro-abrasive sponges, sandpaper or steel […]

Wood is a natural “living” material and as such, even if we are talking about noble and well dried essences, it tends to react to the climatic variables of the environment, especially when these are extreme. A correct maintenance of solid wood doors therefore begins with correct prevention, small precautions that are crucial to maintaining […]

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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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