VAMA wooden kitchens: canaletto walnut, carbalho brown, rosewood

A wooden kitchen is a space inhabited by living beauty: nature in its most authentic and warm form becomes a material that welcomes us, a form that every day meets our need for comfort, beauty and relaxation.

The wooden kitchen, perhaps one of the most classic and durable furnishing solutions, is now offered in a wide range of imaginations and styles: from the most traditional lines to minimalist volumes, the wooden kitchen allows for a vast wealth of visual effects, always achieving an atmosphere of deep understanding with our senses. 

Noble woods: between function and aesthetics.

Choosing a wooden kitchen involves choosing the right wood: the construction material must not only meet our tastes and match our needs, but in the case of wood there is an identity of its own, a narrative force that speaks to our hearts.
Not all types of wood are the same, so it is important to know their characteristics in order to make an informed choice. Each wood species has its own characteristics, colour, grain and porosity, which have an important impact on the final result of the project. 
Let’s take a look at three of the noblest woods proposed for wooden kitchens:

– Canaletto walnut
– Carbalho Brown
– Rosewood

Canaletto walnut is the American walnut which produces the pecan walnut fruit. It is widely used in kitchens, both as an essence and in veneers. With its warm and soft colour, it gives the room an incomparable sophistication and warmth. Perfect in both classic and minimalist contexts, it is an elegant and versatile solution.

Carbalho Brown is the hard, high-quality oak wood. It has a reddish brown colour, it is heavy and water resistant, so much so that it was used in the past for barrel staves and ships. Its hardness and water resistance make it perfect for use in high-stress environments such as a kitchen.


Rosewood is a renowned and precious wood that has always been used in furniture making. Deep brown in colour with lighter grains, it is a very noticeable wood. It is perfect for unusual combinations with contemporary finishes and in combination with technical details or avant-garde materials. For a kitchen that surprises!

Maintenance of wooden surfaces:

A wooden kitchen is a living kitchen, made from a natural raw material that has a relationship of continuous exchange with the external environment. Cleaning wooden doors is a simple and delicate operation. A few simple rules to keep in mind will help to keep the kitchen looking new:

– Do not use aggressive and abrasive detergents to avoid damaging the surfaces. 
– Avoid stagnant water and always wipe off steam
– Avoid using furniture waxes, which turn yellow over time.
– Clean using soft cloths and mild detergents

A few rules that will keep your kitchen looking like new. Wood, if well treated, retains its characteristics for a long time, making it one of the best choices in terms of durability.
In short, a wooden kitchen is one of the best choices from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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