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Negro Construct is a Romanian company with 16 years of experience in the sale of materials and finishes for both interior and exterior environments. It also has a showroom in Târgu Mureș, a Romanian municipality located in the Transylvania region.

Negro Construct offers design services for bathrooms and kitchens, taking care not only of the final product but also of the entire process, from design to the procurement of materials and finishes for the realisation of the project.

What are the main services the company offers?

  1. Technical consultancy
  2. Free 3D design
  3. Free home delivery

Thanks to the features listed above and the services offered, Negro Costruct has completed 1100 projects and continues to establish itself in the Romanian market.

One of the special features of Negro Construct is that it cooperates with suppliers all over the world, especially with Italy, sourcing trendy, high-quality materials and always guaranteeing competitive prices.

Among the Italian collaborators there is also VAMA CUCINE, with whom NEGRO has established a solid and constantly evolving relationship. The partnership began in 2013 and the two companies still work together on numerous projects.

The relationship established 9 years ago has been consolidated thanks to Negro’s ability to adapt to VAMA’s changes, guaranteeing stability and commercial continuity.

In fact, Negro Construct started out as a company specialising in wall and bathroom coverings, but through its collaboration with VAMA it has entered the world of kitchens where the customer/supplier relationship has been decisively overtaken.

In conclusion, thanks to this strong partnership with Negro Construct, Vama has penetrated the Romanian market, entering previously unknown realities.



"Vama Cucine is a company with an extraordinary variety of quality products that will never compromise on quality at the expense of price, a company that adapts to market trends and people who not only follow the business itself but want to be first and foremost, close to their customers, they are friendly, human, always careful that the end result of their products is exactly what the customer wants. The responsiveness to requirements is extraordinarily fast, with a short production time which is an important asset in a world of impatience. Continuing at this pace I see Vama Cucine as a brand with explosive potential in all international markets. Technical designs and very clear details create a clear advantage in the final presentation to the customer. The most important thing is that they are repeated in size. I can say that I have not been disappointed so far".
Pop Adrian
Technical consultant at Negro Construct


For the showroom, Negro chose to include the Varsavia model with matt lacquered wall units.


The picture shows part of Negro Construct’s showroom in Romania. 


The drawings below represent the projects realised and installed in Romania.

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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

Production and warehouse facilities

Via Direttissima del Conero
Industrial Park
60021 Camerano (AN)