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VAMA was founded and has been operating on the international markets since 1973 as a kitchen manufacturer, but over the years it has expanded its design capabilities, guaranteeing its customers specific furnishing solutions for every room in the home.


Vama Cucine’s work is often intended for VILLAS and LUXURY HOUSES, both in terms of the ad hoc development of kitchens capable of serving generous spaces and in terms of the refined and personalised design. In fact, in the majority of residential projects, VAMA has not only created kitchens and bathroom furnishings, but has also developed specific skills in the study, technical and graphic elaboration and production of rooms dedicated to the laundry area and has become an expert in this field.

Our design offices analyse every technical request regarding this type of room, which at first may seem simple to implement and similar to the kitchen but which in truth has its own specificities and problems: for example the variety of sizes that accommodate this type of furniture, which can be very small or on the contrary offer open-space situations.

Thanks to its ability to listen, its know-how and its high level of customisation, Vama can boast of having become a specialist in this field too, converting this business into a consistent component of its work.

As we know, every market has its own needs and Vama manages to intercept, understand and analyse requests from every geography, trying to satisfy every demand. This is why today Vama exports its solutions all over the world.

We will show you some of the work we have done and some of the design ideas we have developed for our customers:


Let’s get specific and analyse the laundry room

The laundry room is an area consisting of specific furniture where it is necessary:

  1. Position the appliances, taking into account the specific technical specifications of each one (washing machines and dryers).
  2. create made-to-measure cupboards and niches
  3. create elements with the insertion of clothes rails and accessories designed specifically for this part of the house.

Furthermore, the choice of materials, handles and accessories is fundamental, for which VAMA has created special lines that guarantee:

– solidity

– durability

– aesthetic appeal

How does Vama work on the realisation of the laundry?

First of all Vama analyses the available space and in a second moment realises the project of the laundry.

To do this, some functional solutions can be followed that optimise the usable space.

– In case the room offers a limited space in surface, the solution recommended by our staff is to use the heights of the room thus recovering the space in height.

– In the case where the usable space is vast, it will not be particularly necessary to optimise the spaces. In this case the appliances and furnishing solutions can be placed according to the customer’s taste and operational practicality.

Whether in the case of large spaces and great heights or in more complex situations with irregular rooms or small sizes, our intervention can be modulated and focused on specific aspects of the furniture or manage the entire supply. From the materials to the arrangement of the elements, whatever the extent and depth of the Vama support, our solution is always focused on practicality, durability and beauty. 
In conclusion, we are really proud of the results we have achieved; the laundry world over the years has come about almost by chance, but today it is another environment that we build with great skill, guaranteeing each customer an organic Made in Italy product that serves and dresses every space in their home with equal beauty and functionality. That of VAMA.

 Excellent results achieved and new projects in the pipeline.

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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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