We design your PANTRY

The invisible… but indispensable room!

Today, the need for support, storage and preservation space is growing more and more.  That is why, when building a kitchen, it is important to design an area for the so-called ‘pantry‘.

What is the pantry?

The pantry has the function of storing and storing food, utensils and small appliances. It can be a dedicated room next to the kitchen or special cabinets within the kitchen itself. 

Usually VAMA’s typical customers are owners of villas or very large homes where the word ‘space‘ is never an issue. So in the case of pantry design, the customer has an entire room at his disposal. But even in this circumstance it is a good idea to scan and design each element, shelf and opening system very skilfully: what is required of this area is precisely maximum operational efficiency, in other words the ability to facilitate and maintain order and the immediate availability of objects stored here.

Inside the pantry, furniture solutions are designed and assembled for practical and convenient food storage and arrangement.

The most frequently used and adopted solutions are:


– sink base units

– open shelves

– cupboards with pull-out baskets

– wall units


Handle or groove system?


While the groove system is generally preferred in the kitchen mainly for a question of design and aesthetics, in the pantry the classic handle system is also often used, in this case considered more functional than the groove system.

Generally speaking, however, it is necessary to carefully consider whether to opt for the groove system or the handle: on the one hand, the use of the handle is recommended as it gives a more stable grip, but it is also considered a protruding element that can be bumped into when we are in a hurry and if we are mainly doing work in a not very large space.

On the other hand, the groove system gives an elegant, linear and timeless look but requires somewhat more complex and assiduous maintenance.


For the pantry, VAMA is as always a meticulous partner who, from the estimate and technical drawing through to its realisation, will be at your side in every smallest detail, even in the choice of handle or groove grip!


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