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VAMA CUCINE applies and guarantees all its technical heritage for articulate and organic furnishing solutions up to the design and production of the bathroom area.

With regard to this area, VAMA is capable of analysing and designing every aesthetic and functional detail, offering ad hoc solutions. We know that each customer expresses different needs and VAMA’s talent is to grasp and interpret each type of request, transforming a desire, a need, a vision into a concrete and resolved reality.

Generally, the design of the bathroom area belongs to the residential segment, for which VAMA has always provided a tenor of service that can resolve and furnish the entire living space: kitchen, living room, laundry room up to the bar.


Let’s go into detail.

The bathroom area is today regarded as a place where one can relax and take care of oneself surrounded by comfort and beauty, but on the other hand it must guarantee maximum functionality. This is why it is important, if not essential, to first study the space available for the bathroom.

When the available space is large, the so-called master bath is built, in which furniture with three base units plus baskets is designed and placed.

Conversely, when space is limited, smaller cabinets (e.g. 1 sink base and 1 drawer base) are proposed and designed. The skill of our designers is precisely that of interpreting and making the most of the room’s potential.

Another essential aspect is therefore the distribution of the furniture elements. In fact, if they were not arranged in an entirely careless manner, one would run the risk of numerous problems in the future related to use. This is why Vama makes its expertise available, guaranteeing a final result capable of combining maximum efficiency and functional comfort with aesthetic and formal parameters in line with the customer’s taste. For example, a smart solution often proposed is to design furniture without the use of a plinth, opting instead for suspended elements: this allows air, light, dynamism and a fluid and comfortable use of the same room, especially in modest spaces.

Moreover, having VAMA as a partner for an entire residential project means having guaranteed

– an organic and coherent design that at the same time enhances the specific use of each room;

– an overall vision of the project and an integrated management of every phase of the design and processing of the furniture.



The bathroom is a room that is required to have a particular capacity for resistance: think not only of water and vapours, but also of the contact of surfaces with soaps, creams, razors, hairdryers, etc.

The same specific design logic that identifies the most suitable materials for the kitchen environment is therefore also used for the bathroom area: durable, resistant and easy to maintain materials skilfully enhanced by VAMA’s design. 


As far as the choice of finishes is concerned, we are ready to elaborate on every type of style and requirement, exploring solutions that bet as much on natural tones as on bolder effects and vibrant palettes: VAMA always offers essential support in the matching of colours and shades in order to provide a coherent style, harmonious with the rest of the house and with the sensitivity of the client. 


The details, never to be overlooked by the eye nor by the user: the handles!

Let’s say that VAMA’s customers often opt for a solution without a handle and therefore with a groove, as is often the case in other areas of the home (kitchen, bar). In fact, this is the trend internationally, but we are ready to suggest the most functional solution and all the necessary design if a handle grip is required.

In conclusion, also for your bathroom VAMA remains the usual expert, solid and inspiring partner.


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Vama Cucine is an important name in the Made in Italy kitchen sector, with a history that began in the 70s in the Pesaro furniture district, where the production of fitted kitchens has always been synonymous with excellence, recognized not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

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